Weekend Travels Part 1


As the last hurrah before going off to college I decided to go to San Francisco and New York  in one weekend. My journey starts off in San Francisco on a gorgeous Friday morning. Since I only had 24 hours in San Francisco, the best way was to spend it was at Pier 39. Pier 39 is the perfect spot for a short vacation in San Francisco because you get entertainment, great restaurants, museum attractions and of course the ocean. Nothing beats a sunny day, seafood and the sound of crashing waves on the pier. For me California is especially fun because of the large hills the city is built upon. I may have also slightly fangirled over the sight of  palm trees along the roads in San Fran. What? Can’t a northern girl get excited about seeing a tree that grows no where near her?


As modern as San Francisco I can’t help but notice the 1950’s or 60’s feel of the city. The cable cars used in the city can be dated all the way back to 1945. The San Francisco pier is full of history. I was lucky enough to explore two WW2 vesicles, the SS Jeremiah O’Brian and the USS Pampanito.


The SS Jeremiah O’Brian had the most amazing view of the city. I felt lucky that I got to experience what it was like to be on a WW2 ship that is one of the last few that is still standing. I walked around the deck and went down into the depths of the ship into the engine room. I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the engine room. Imagine if you had to stay down there all day like the mechanics did!


After I went through the museums I went back to the hotel to get a little bit of shut-eye before having to get on my red-eye flight to New York. The flight was fantastic and I woke up to a beautiful sun rise to New York.


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