The Anti-It Bag


The bucket bag has been around for years but hadn’t reached fashion industry fame until a few years ago. The silhouette of the bag is perfect for a chic, minimalistic look. It’s the perfect “anti-it” bag because it’s so simple and classic without all the bedazzle and fringe that it can last for decades. The versatility of the bag is endless. It’s perfect for a day full of shopping or a nice evening out. I love the bag because it gives an element of  Man Repeller chicness to it. If you don’t know who the Man Repeller is, then I suggest you look her up because like me, we both have a love for bucket bags.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.50.22 PM
Picture courtesy of Mansur Gavriel’s website

The holy grail of all bucket bags is the one by Mansur Gavriel, as pictured above. I absolutely love this bag and it is my dream to one day own this perfectly leather crafted bag. My favorite is the one with the black exterior and the famous red hot interior which reminds me of a Louboutin shoe.


My Bucket Bag Collection

My first bucket bag is the middle one in the picture above. I got it back in 2013 when they were the new “it” bag. I was so excited to get a bucket bag that I brought it around with me everywhere and thus began my love of bucket bags. Now that I have acquired two more bucket bags to my collection I see that my taste in bags have grown and especially the price tag if you know what I mean.  I have recently fell in love with Zara and their bags. Ever since discovering Zara, I feel that I have found the holy grail of shops. Also thanks to Garance Doré’s book  Love x Style x Love  Zara has made it’s way into my heart and my closet.

The two bucket bags in the back in the picture above are still available on, here are the links if you’re interested.

Black Croc Embellished Bag:

Light Tan Drawstring Bag:

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