Fashion & Lifestyle Books I Recommend


Throughout all the years I have been reading fashion books, I have stumbled upon a few that really stuck out to me. These are the books that I connected with the most and found the most inspiring, well at least to me. These books not only talk about fashion, but they also talk about finding yourself, relationships, and working in the fashion industry. These books have inspired my everyday life and I continually read them over and over. Whenever I take a flight, I always bring something to read with me, whether it be a magazine or a book, I always bring one of these books with me because I know that I will be entertained during the duration of my flight. I often go back to certain chapters in these books because I find a connection with it and it makes me happy to re-read those sections. I often find myself smiling or even laughing when reading these books because of the humor in the book or because it reminded me of something from my past and I couldn’t help but blurt out laughing. If books can give you that sort of emotion, then you know its good because you’ve found a relation in the book.

Many of these authors are people who are influencers in my life. I look up to these people because they give me advice and I admire their style. They write about the non-sweetened truth and I admire their bravery for writing about their past in order to help others in the same circumstance. They are the men and women who shape the industry that I want to work in someday.

I recommend these books because honestly they’re great books. They’re written well and have great visuals. It makes me happy when someone has a passion so strong for something that they write about it. Their book will live on years and years after they’re gone, they are immortalized through these books.

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