I’ve Got My Eye On You


Sunglasses are by far my favorite accessory. With all their shapes and sized it’s impossible to run out of styles. In my opinion, you can never have enough sunglasses, trust me I have a large collection and I love them all! Sunglasses can make or break your outfit so it is important to pick the right ones. Down below I have listed some of the sunglasses I have been interested in and may possibly add to my ever extending collection.

Les Specs Nero 


These by far are the sunglasses that I have been the most interested in. What attracted them to me was that they were so oddly shaped that they were interesting. I can imagine sporting these with a leather jacket going out around the town or sporting them just coming off an airplane and pretending that I am a model dressed flawlessly head-to-toe in chic travel attire. Also I was attracted to these because I saw a picture of  Kendall Jenner wearing these super chic shades.

Find these at Lespecs.com


Kendall Jenner



Ray-Ban Round Flash Lenses in Copper Flash 


These shades have been the “It” sunglasses for the past few seasons. At first, I didn’t like this style of sunglasses. I liked them on other people, but I never really liked them on myself until I bought a cheap pair of black ones to try them out. Ever since then I have been hooked to this style of sunnies. I now have them in several different colors such as Black with silver metal, Black with gold metal, blue lenses, and silver lenses. I chose the pair in the picture above because I have seen countless pictures of these on Instagram and Pinterest and I have fallen in love with them. They would be the perfect sunnies for a summer vacation or a pop of color in the winter.

Find these at Ray-Ban.com


Clear Lens Glasses or “Fake Glasses” 


Once again the nerdy-chic trend is back. When I first spotted these on Instagram, I thought, “why are people wearing clear lens aviators? What’s the point of fake glasses?” Well I fell into the trend-trap and I was persuaded by the fashion bloggers and Instagramers of the world into liking the trend. I have been more inspired to wear the circle lens glasses than the aviators. I have also noticed that men have been wearing this trend as well and what can I say, I like that too.

Find these at Asos.com

Upper left @katesedlacek, Lower left @cassiemasangkay, Right @amelialiana


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