Savannah Day 2


Day 2 of my Savannah adventure started off with my first ever ferry ride across the river to get to the convention center. My mother was going to an event there and I just tagged along. I stood at the front of the boat and hung on to the railing instead of sitting inside because your first time should be out by the water, feeling the breeze, and waving to the passersby in the other boats. I really wanted to do the whole Titanic thing, but the captain was right there and I think I would have gotten yelled at.




This is right outside the convention center and you can see most of downtown Savannah from there. I could even see my hotel!


After taking the ferry back to downtown Savannah I decided it was time to do a little sight seeing and shopping. Savannah has so many cute little boutiques, it feels very Parisian-like there. I also love the Spanish Moss, it’s almost hauntingly pretty.


Upon walking down the streets of Savannah I discovered a shop called Satchel. Right away I knew that it would be a good store since the name started with Satchel. The smell of leather immediately hits you as you walk in, which is one of my favorite scents. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of a new leather bag or shoes or even a new car? I quickly learned that it was a custom purse making store with also pre-made bags ready for purchase. I had looked at their leather wall which shows all the colors, textures, and designs they have in their leather and saw a crocodile embossed leather in a rich chocolate brown color. I had the croc embossed leather paired with a plain distressed leather in the same color in a fold-over clutch style of bag. I chose to go with a fold-over clutch because I had been looking for one all over the place is a croc design, but could never find one, so why not make my own? I think I stayed in the store for over an hour discussing the ideas for my bag and just talking about fun stuff. The store was so homey and comfortable, I feel like I could have stayed there all day.


In the store you not only see all the bags and leathers, but you also see their production area too. I came in on the weekend and they only do production during the week, but it was still cool to see the behind the scenes look at where they create the bags. The staff there was so friendly, especially one girl who helped me figure out my bag. The girl was an alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design, which was one of the colleges I was interested in touring. (I will put the link to their website at the bottom of the page)


While doing some damage in the stores I took pictures of the beautiful buildings. The architecture reminds me of when I was in France last spring. I loved strolling down the sidewalks and lucky me that I didn’t get a sunburn during the whole trip. I believe one of the best things about traveling is getting to walk around the city. I’m a very visual person and getting to walk outside on a nice day is one of the most fulfilling things to do on a trip.



Link to Satchel’s Website :



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