Vintage – All About The Hunt

Inside Flying Worm Vintage

A little while ago I paid a visit to Omaha, Nebraska with a friend for a shopping day. I came across an old, rough-looking brick building with big black letters that said vintage with little flowers decorated all over the letters. Along with the unique exterior the store had a quirky name called “The Flying Worm Vintage.” Now here is a good tip, never let the outside of a store determine the contents of what’s inside. I wasn’t expecting much from the outside, until I entered the store and realized I had hit a gold mine of vintage.

I love digging through bins of old scarves, sifting through racks of jackets and sweaters, but the best part is when you find that one “golden piece” that almost seemed meant for you. I used to love going to the Goodwill and finding Ralph Lauren sweaters when I used to look super preppy back in high school. Since then my style has changed, but I still love to wear a good Oxford shirt, L.L. Bean duck boots, and J. Crew statement necklaces every once and a while.

Inside Flying Worm Vintage

When I first entered the shop, I went immediately to the fur and or faux fur coats hanging in the center of the shop, didn’t find anything there. Then, for some reason I was attracted to the rack of fringe jackets. I knew that fringe was making a comeback so I was interested in maybe finding a good suede or leather fringe jacket. Remember, be careful when it comes to fringe unless you are going for the John Wayne-Texas ranger look. In my opinion, black fringe is the best way to go. I may be biased because I am a lover of practically everything black, but I find it the easiest to wear and match. I found this black suede fringe jacket (pictured below) with silver zippers on the sleeves and a silver western style belt around the bottom of the jacket. I could tell that it was definitely vintage by the style of the jacket and the sheer weight of it. The jacket had a late 80s – early 90s vibe because of the large shoulders, which also made the jacket a lot heavier…definitely not a summer jacket unless you want to be roasted alive. The jacket was in good condition and to my surprise it was from Montréal, stated by the tag on the inside.

Instagram @weartheredheadclothes

FullSizeRender 3

I brought the jacket home and had a fun little photoshoot with it. I like fringe, but I’ve always been afraid to wear it. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear it despite what other people thought about it. The jacket made me happy and I liked it and that’s all that mattered. I would wear this jacket to class and I would get tons of complements on it. Plus I felt pretty cool wearing it… might I even say I felt a little bit bad-ass. Put me in this jacket and give me some black aviators and I could rule the world. That’s another thing I love about vintage, each item has its own story and we bring it back to life when it finds a new home so the story can continue. Whenever I look at a vintage piece I wonder where it came from, who wore it, and what did it “see” or what’s its life story? Sometimes it’s fun to live in the past and reminisce about the clothes and everyday items people used to use and wear.

Trend Alert: Corsage Choker

**Beware, this choker may make you want to learn to tango.**

Spring is right around the corner and with spring comes the rebirth or awakening of life after winter and what better symbol of spring than a flower? Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2016 line came out with the idea of corsages that are not just for prom.


The flower detail gives the choker or brooch a romantic feel that’s also fun and flirty. It’s versatility is endless from going on a romantic date in Spain to going to a music festival in California. If you’re looking for a statement necklace, then this is the one for you.

I tried out the necklace and let me tell you…I’m in love. Whenever I wear it I feel like I’m about to go dance the tango or visit a café in Barcelona.

Instagram: @weartheredheadclothes


Interested more in corsage chokers? Check out done below!


MANGO Flower Brooch Clasp Set ($29.99)


Nasty Gal Rock ‘N Rose It’s a Date Corsage Choker ($7.60)



ASOS River Island Skinny Neck Scarf With Rose Corsage ($18.50)


ASOS Rock ‘N’ Rose Flower Corsage Choker ($14.50)


ASOS Suzywan Flower Trim Choker ($23)

What I’m Loving: Neck Scarves

I studied French my whole high school career and now I’m studying it in college. I was lucky enough to travel to France last spring to witness the culture of their country. I was immediately enchanted by the street corner cafés, shops, beautiful monuments, and museums. But most of all I loved the chicness of the Parisian people. The French know a way of dressing so simple, but looking put together at the same time.  Never had I thought that a t-shirt, jeans, flats, and a scarf could look so good. I like to think that I can dress Parisian-chic by saying “I just threw this on,” but in reality I carefully planned out my outfit.

In my efforts to look Parisian-chic, I’ve been wearing neck scarves and dressing simple, but sophisticated.When I went to France, I dreamed of coming home an elegant and cultured woman just as Audrey Hepburn did in the movie Sabrina. I love how neck scarves make me feel suddenly more elegant, like there’s a little extra spice to my outfit. I think neck scarves are the new “necklace of choice”. Sure at first they can feel constricting, but after lots of time wearing them I’ve grown to love them. It’s mind-boggling how many ways you can wear them. I’ve seen people wear them on their wrists, tied to their bags, and even tied around the loop holes of their pants. I think that a neck scarf is the simplest way to make an outfit immediately become more interesting. I’ve collected a few over the years from trendy boutiques, thrift shops, and from my mother’s closet (psst, don’t tell her). I consider this accessory to be timeless because it has been worn throughout so many decades and has never really been considered “outdated.” Plus it looks good on almost every age. So for the neck few years to come, I think I’ll be channeling my inner Parisian when life needs a little class and elegance.

Interested more in neck scarves? Check out down below for ideas!

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.54.55 PM.png

ASOS Monki Lightweight Stripe Neck Tie ($12.03)


Urban Outfitters Cotton Patterned Square Neck Scarf ($9.99)


Free People Heart of Glass Lace Neck Tie ($38)


Urban Outfitters Ecote Silky Mini Square Scarf ($14)


J. Crew Italian Silk Square Scarf ($49.50)

Trend Alert: Mid-Heel Shoes


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Want the height, but not the embarrassment of almost rolling your ankle? On the hierarchy of heels the mid-heel is pretty beginner, it’s an upgrade from flats or a flat with a slight wedge. But in this case these shoes are not for practicing in, they’re for trendiness. It’s a comfort meets fashion shoe, perfect for the office or running around town.

Interested in getting a pair? Check out some ideas down below!


Top Left: ASOS ($49), Top Right: Zara ($49.90), Bottom Left: Zara ($69.90), Bottom Mid-Left: ASOS ($58), Bottom Mid-Right: Zara ($69.90), Bottom Right: ASOS ($53)

I’ve Got My Eye On You


Sunglasses are by far my favorite accessory. With all their shapes and sized it’s impossible to run out of styles. In my opinion, you can never have enough sunglasses, trust me I have a large collection and I love them all! Sunglasses can make or break your outfit so it is important to pick the right ones. Down below I have listed some of the sunglasses I have been interested in and may possibly add to my ever extending collection.

Les Specs Nero 


These by far are the sunglasses that I have been the most interested in. What attracted them to me was that they were so oddly shaped that they were interesting. I can imagine sporting these with a leather jacket going out around the town or sporting them just coming off an airplane and pretending that I am a model dressed flawlessly head-to-toe in chic travel attire. Also I was attracted to these because I saw a picture of  Kendall Jenner wearing these super chic shades.

Find these at


Kendall Jenner



Ray-Ban Round Flash Lenses in Copper Flash 


These shades have been the “It” sunglasses for the past few seasons. At first, I didn’t like this style of sunglasses. I liked them on other people, but I never really liked them on myself until I bought a cheap pair of black ones to try them out. Ever since then I have been hooked to this style of sunnies. I now have them in several different colors such as Black with silver metal, Black with gold metal, blue lenses, and silver lenses. I chose the pair in the picture above because I have seen countless pictures of these on Instagram and Pinterest and I have fallen in love with them. They would be the perfect sunnies for a summer vacation or a pop of color in the winter.

Find these at


Clear Lens Glasses or “Fake Glasses” 


Once again the nerdy-chic trend is back. When I first spotted these on Instagram, I thought, “why are people wearing clear lens aviators? What’s the point of fake glasses?” Well I fell into the trend-trap and I was persuaded by the fashion bloggers and Instagramers of the world into liking the trend. I have been more inspired to wear the circle lens glasses than the aviators. I have also noticed that men have been wearing this trend as well and what can I say, I like that too.

Find these at

Upper left @katesedlacek, Lower left @cassiemasangkay, Right @amelialiana


What I’ll Be Wearing This Winter


There’s no doubt that winter is coming, no Game of Thrones pun intended. As a fellow native of Minnesota, I know what it’s like to wear an adorable outfit, but end up freezing to death. How is it possible to look good and stay warm in the winter? Not to worry! Here are some clothing items that look stylish and keep you all toasty.

  1. ASOS Bright Faux Fur Pom Beanie ($18.50)

2. Topshop Eastern Bomber ($140)


3. Topshop Faux Leather Fur Biker Jacket ($130)


Oasis Animal Print Faux Fur Coat ($143)

Faux Fur Shawls at ($32-$68)

Is All Black Chic?

“I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent A Darker Color.” – Wednesday Adams

The color black has many meanings, some think that it’s depressing and mysterious while others think that it is simple and classic. Black is the color of strength, mourning, sophistication, and elegance. It can be strong, but soft at the same time. What I like about it is that it’s modern and classic all in one. I feel that an all black outfit gives a women confidence because it is such a bold choice to wear all one color and I feel that the color black has a powerful energy to it. Everyone says, “when in doubt wear red, ” but what I think, “when in doubt wear black” because it’s the easiest choice to be simple and not over done. Nothing can beat a minimalist New York city chic look when out on a coffee run.

An all black outfit says “I’m cool, edgy and laid back” or it can also say “I’m a modern 21st century girl who makes her own rules and walks the streets like a catwalk.” I have had my fair share of wearing all black outfits. I even have to tell myself not to buy anymore black clothing because my whole closet looks like I’m getting ready for a funeral, but as always I end up buying the clothing in either black, navy, grey or nude.

At times an all black outfit can be overwhelming so styling it the right way is essential. When dealing with an outfit that’s all one color, it’s better to have different textures in your outfit to in a way “break up” the separate articles of clothing or else you’ll end up looking like a black tube of fabric. If the All Black Outfit may seem a little nerve-racking to wear, then you can ease your way into the trend with a “Basic” in black like a coat, black jeans, or a large, chunky black sweater. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your outfits because you wear the outfit, the outfit does not were you.

Check Out Down Below For Outfit Inspiration:

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What Fall 2016 Trends Would You Try?


Fall is now upon us so here are a few trends I am looking forward to seeing and or wearing of this upcoming fall 2016 season.

Velvet Everything

Trend: Velvet

Velvet has always been on of the best choices for fall and winter because of the warmth and luxuriousness of the fabric. It also gives the outfit a sort of texture and softness to it.  What I love about velvet is that when it catches the light it have a movement or animated feel to the fabric. Plus the jewel tones of the velvet are very flattering. I only recently got into this trend and most of the velvet things I own are shoes, but I went out of my comfort zone and bought a red velvet bodysuit from Zara and I am so excited to try it out. In my opinion, this is one of the best trends for this season.

Best of Both Worlds

Trend: Shearling Jackets

Fall has just created the trend with the best of both worlds, edginess and comfort all in one.  The next fall jacket on your list should be this one because it’s one of those jackets I like to call a “throw on.” Meaning that its a jacket/coat that you can put on and it pretty much goes with anything. It’s a jacket where it makes your outfit go from plain to chic in a matter of seconds.

I Tip My Hat To You

Trend: Baker Boy Hat

One of the chicest hats there ever will be, but that has been over looked for decades. Celebrities like Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve, and Sienna Miller have been known to wear the baker boy hat. This hat is the perfect mix of edgy, vintage, and classy at the same time. I am definitely going to be wearing this hat a lot this fall and winter.

Slipping Into A Dress

Trend: Slip Dress

Everyone knows that the 90’s trend has been ruling the runways for a few seasons now, but the slip dress is new to the scene.  This dress is honestly the only way to wear lingerie in public and look chic. The slip dress is a trend where you can look sexy, but modest at the same time.

The New “It” Shoe

It may not be the most glamorous shoe, but it’s more versatile than you think. The shoe consists of a mix between a clog and and a flat which is perfect for a day out on the town. When I think about it, this shoe would have been the perfect transition shoe from a flat/kitten heel to a high heel. I could have saved my feet from so much pain if I could’ve had this “training heel” instead of diving headfirst into heels.

What I love about this shoe is that you can wear it with some rolled up jeans or a casual sun dress and still be comfortable. Perhaps the shoe can look a little odd, but that’s what I like about it. I like that this shoe looks different  and that’s the beauty of it.

Down below I have listed, with pictures, the style of mule shoes. I have also added some pictures with outfit ideas and inspiration to give you a kick start in creative your own outfits.

The Flat Mule

If a flat and a mule had a baby it would be the flat mule. A mix between a loafer, flat and mule with an extra “Umf” in the heel.

Outfit Inspiration Below

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The Medium Mule

If you can’t make up your mind on whether you what to go full out on wearing the classic mule or if you want a little bit more comfort with a less steep heel, then the medium mule is the perfect match for you.

Outfit Inspiration Below

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The Classic Mule

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.04.39 PM

Preferably my favorite of all the mules is the classic mule. My first pair of mules where black leather with a silver buckle on the side. I feel in love with these shoes because that seen them so many times on Pinterest and the Man Repeller website. The first night I wore my mules out I got so many compliments. To me the mule is kind of a more stylish way of wearing a comfortable heel without having to sacrifice looking put together.

Outfit Inspiration Below

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The Modern Mule


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Not only do mules come in black, white, suead or leather, but they also can be modernized by adding a funky heel or pattern to them.

The Platform/Wedge Mule

The mule with a modern and comfort twist. Loved by style star Leandra Medine of Man Repeller this boxy shoe is definitely a bold fashion choice.

Outfit Inspiration Below!

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The Thin Heel Mule

If a stiletto and a mule were morphed together it would be the thin heel mule. It’s the best of both worlds in this high heel mule combo.

Outfit Inspiration Below

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The Bomber Jacket Takes Flight

Originally worn by military pilots, the bomber jacket would become part of pop culture apparel since the 40’s and onwards. Remember the movie TopGun? Well thanks to that movie and countless other 80’s tv shows the bomber jacket became a style statement rather than a necessity for pilots in cold weather and high altitudes. I like to think that fashion repeats itself. It’s a known fact that fashion trends of the past eventually make their way back to being in trend today. And if the trend or the clothing piece neither ends or doesn’t go out of style then it is considered “Classic.”

The bomber jacket or flight jacket has become the new statement piece of the military trend. Not only does it come in the traditional military green, but now you get it a satin material, quilted effect, and even reversible. I’m in love with the classic military green bomber jacket especially the one I had bought recently from Asos, but I’ve also had my eye on an embroidered bomber jacket that is a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m willing to give it a try. I feel that the bomber is going to be the “New” leather jacket. The bomber gives off an effortless cool vibe like the leather jacket would. I recommend if you don’t feel that you could rock the leather jacket then opt. for the bomber.

Want to style a bomber jacket, but don’t know how? Then check out outfit inspirations down below!

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Want To Get The Look?


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.39.29 PM

Nasty Gal Poppy Writer Bomber Jacket ($98) in Navy

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.59.03 PM

ASOS New Look Quilted Bomber Jacket ($57) in Khaki

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.44.52 PM

ASOS Ultimate Bomber Jacket ($73) in Chocolate

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.47.06 PM

Garage Clothing The Must-Have Bomber Jacket ($69.95) in Night Time Navy

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.51.07 PM

Forever 21 Padded Bomber Jacket ($29.90) in Taupe

Topshop Petite Leo Reversible Bomber Jacket ($150)


Whether you love the classic military green bomber or the asian inspired embroidered bomber jacket, it’s a trend worth giving a try. I am currently in love with bomber jackets and can’t wait to wear them all the time when fall comes!

As always, bijoux from the redhead.