Savannah Day 2


Day 2 of my Savannah adventure started off with my first ever ferry ride across the river to get to the convention center. My mother was going to an event there and I just tagged along. I stood at the front of the boat and hung on to the railing instead of sitting inside because your first time should be out by the water, feeling the breeze, and waving to the passersby in the other boats. I really wanted to do the whole Titanic thing, but the captain was right there and I think I would have gotten yelled at.




This is right outside the convention center and you can see most of downtown Savannah from there. I could even see my hotel!


After taking the ferry back to downtown Savannah I decided it was time to do a little sight seeing and shopping. Savannah has so many cute little boutiques, it feels very Parisian-like there. I also love the Spanish Moss, it’s almost hauntingly pretty.


Upon walking down the streets of Savannah I discovered a shop called Satchel. Right away I knew that it would be a good store since the name started with Satchel. The smell of leather immediately hits you as you walk in, which is one of my favorite scents. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of a new leather bag or shoes or even a new car? I quickly learned that it was a custom purse making store with also pre-made bags ready for purchase. I had looked at their leather wall which shows all the colors, textures, and designs they have in their leather and saw a crocodile embossed leather in a rich chocolate brown color. I had the croc embossed leather paired with a plain distressed leather in the same color in a fold-over clutch style of bag. I chose to go with a fold-over clutch because I had been looking for one all over the place is a croc design, but could never find one, so why not make my own? I think I stayed in the store for over an hour discussing the ideas for my bag and just talking about fun stuff. The store was so homey and comfortable, I feel like I could have stayed there all day.


In the store you not only see all the bags and leathers, but you also see their production area too. I came in on the weekend and they only do production during the week, but it was still cool to see the behind the scenes look at where they create the bags. The staff there was so friendly, especially one girl who helped me figure out my bag. The girl was an alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design, which was one of the colleges I was interested in touring. (I will put the link to their website at the bottom of the page)


While doing some damage in the stores I took pictures of the beautiful buildings. The architecture reminds me of when I was in France last spring. I loved strolling down the sidewalks and lucky me that I didn’t get a sunburn during the whole trip. I believe one of the best things about traveling is getting to walk around the city. I’m a very visual person and getting to walk outside on a nice day is one of the most fulfilling things to do on a trip.



Link to Satchel’s Website :



Savannah, Georgia Day 1


My day started off kind of rough by having to get up at 3:00am with only about a good half an hour of sleep the night before. I wanted to arrive in Savannah, Georgia sometime in the early afternoon, which meant I had to take the earliest flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta since there is no direct flight from Minneapolis to Savannah.

Soon after takeoff, I noticed from the window in the isle over that the sun was rising from the east. As hard as it is to get up early in the morning, it’s worth it to see the sunrise, especially when you’re above the clouds and everything seems calm and peaceful.


Upon arriving in Savannah I notice that the vast majority of trees were either palm trees or Spanish moss, which I found quite beautiful. Being from the Midwest region of the U.S. I rarely see these types of trees. I remember the first time I visited Georgia, the first palm tree I saw, I went up and touched it. I know I sound silly, but when you see something you’ve only seen in movies and then you get to see it in real life, it’d kind of a surreal moment



Even though Savannah is actually quite small it is full of sweet little squares or gardens. Some of the streets are so old and well kept that it almost feeling like your are on a movie set or gone back in time. I also love Savannah for how historically rich it is.




I knew that sweet tea was a popular drink down south, but I didn’t know that ordering an ice tea with lemon would be such a big deal down there. I went out for brunch and asked for an ice tea with lemon because being from the north that is what we drink when we drink ice tea. I immediately got a “humph” sound from the waiter, almost saying how could you not order a sweet tea. I learned that if you go for brunch down south you either order a sweet tea, mimosa,or Bloody Mary.

Luckily, I am a huge fan of seafood and decided to try a southern style sandwich called a shrimp po-boy. Now I’m sure there is somewhere in Minnesota I can get this style of sandwich, but nothing beats the taste of fresh seafood. I was told by a cab driver I had that a lot of people will catch their own fish, crab, and shrimp off the coast. Now of course I have been fishing before, I come from the land of 10,000 lakes, but there was something cool about being able to catch your own seafood for dinner.


Weekend Travels Part 2


Ahh, New York the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere so they say. New York is probably one of my favorite places to visit in the U.S. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something special about New York. My favorite time to go to New York is during the holiday season because so many movies from my childhood where filmed there and the magic of Christmas time is everywhere.

Day 1


Day one was reserved for shopping or so I liked to think of it. Of course I had to stop by one of my favorite stores, Zara. I believe I counted three of them stationed all over New York while I was there. Although this isn’t the one I shopped at I still had to take a picture because I love the store that much and there was a nice car in front of it. The Zara I shopped in was the one on 5th Avenue. I found one item that I had been eyeing online, but never decided to get it until then. I’m the type of person who loves coats and jackets and I know it’s the middle of summer, but I couldn’t help myself and this particular coat was half off! It was a black short sleeve structured waist coat. I know that it was 85 degrees outside but I loved this waistcoat and fall would be coming soon anyways.


After the shopping adventure I went exploring around Grand Central Station and came upon a market that I didn’t know that had existed there. Everything looked so fresh, it reminded me of the markets I’d walked through in France the previous spring. While I was there I bought a baguette, a green apple, and a wedge of Brie cheese to snack on later.


As you can probably tell my face is as shiny as the lights in Times Square, sadly we can’t all have the perfect matte face in summer. I wanted to try my hardest to look like a natural New Yorker, but because of the hot weather I looked more like a sweaty dog than a sophisticated New Yorker. Times Square at night can be overwhelming because of the amount of people, lights and noises, but it’s still something everyone should do sometimes in their life.

Day 2


Thanks to Gossip Girl the Upper East Side is my dream borough of New York. I can only imagine what the inside of some of these homes must look like. The upper East Side has an elegance thats like walking through an old movie. I can imagine seeing Blair Waldorf striding down the street in her signature headband and elegant, preppy outfits.


When ever I get the chance to go to New York I always stop off at the ever so famous pastry house Ladurée. This place is a chic woman’s dream. With its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and picturesque interior, one cannot help but take loads of pictures while also trying to order a box of macarons. Out of all the macarons I have tasted (which is many) Ladurée has never ceased to impress me. My personal favorite is the raspberry macaron, which is the bright pink one in the picture above.


It really was the perfect Sunday morning after going to Ladurée, I went window shopping on Madison Ave. and walked through a fresh market while on my way to the Natural History Museum.I loved walking down the streets and taking in all the city could give me.


I finally arrived to the Natural History Museum, but had to wait outside in a long line. Thankfully there were trees to stand under so I wouldn’t get sunburned…again. The wait was worth it because this is one of my favorite museums to visit. I’m the type of person who likes museum because I have an interest in History. In high school my favorite subject, besides art, was history. The museum was so big that I couldn’t finish it in a day and my poor feet were starting to feel the walking I had done that day and the day before.


I am triumphantly showing off my pretzel next to a Theodore Roosevelt Park sign because I got a pretzel from a street cart and because it was on a bucket list of mine. I know it sounds silly to put “buy a pretzel from a street cart” on my bucket list, but it was something I wanted to do and who doesn’t love a good soft pretzel?


While I was staring in awe of the view from on top of the Empire State Building, this little guy came in and about landed on my head! Who knew pigeons could fly this high? Either way I couldn’t help but take pictures of him because…well…why not?!


As the day came to a close I had one last New York coffee at Café Grumpy in Grand Central Station. I love it when the baristas put a design in the coffee, I feel that a lot of more love and care went into the coffee. I drank my coffee and reminisced my short trip in New York City and I hope to come back very soon.


Weekend Travels Part 1


As the last hurrah before going off to college I decided to go to San Francisco and New York  in one weekend. My journey starts off in San Francisco on a gorgeous Friday morning. Since I only had 24 hours in San Francisco, the best way was to spend it was at Pier 39. Pier 39 is the perfect spot for a short vacation in San Francisco because you get entertainment, great restaurants, museum attractions and of course the ocean. Nothing beats a sunny day, seafood and the sound of crashing waves on the pier. For me California is especially fun because of the large hills the city is built upon. I may have also slightly fangirled over the sight of  palm trees along the roads in San Fran. What? Can’t a northern girl get excited about seeing a tree that grows no where near her?


As modern as San Francisco I can’t help but notice the 1950’s or 60’s feel of the city. The cable cars used in the city can be dated all the way back to 1945. The San Francisco pier is full of history. I was lucky enough to explore two WW2 vesicles, the SS Jeremiah O’Brian and the USS Pampanito.


The SS Jeremiah O’Brian had the most amazing view of the city. I felt lucky that I got to experience what it was like to be on a WW2 ship that is one of the last few that is still standing. I walked around the deck and went down into the depths of the ship into the engine room. I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the engine room. Imagine if you had to stay down there all day like the mechanics did!


After I went through the museums I went back to the hotel to get a little bit of shut-eye before having to get on my red-eye flight to New York. The flight was fantastic and I woke up to a beautiful sun rise to New York.