What Happened To Being Well Dressed?



What ever happened to the politeness of being well dressed? Since when did wearing sweatpants all the time turn into the norm of today’s attire? Not long ago men were wearing suits on airplanes and it was normal for a woman to don a hat everywhere. My question is why has the downfall of dress etiquette occurred? In my opinion, I like to look nice when I go out in public, it makes me feel complete plus I have a passion for putting outfits together so of course I am going to show off my skills. Actually it is scientifically proven that if you dress nicer while taking a test you will tend to do better. Isn’t that interesting, how clothes can be linked with psychology. When people start dressing nicer, they feel better. Taking care of their body becomes more important and it should be important because the human body is an amazing thing and should be well taken care of by good grooming,eating healthy, and exercise. Now don’t get me wrong I know that there is a big athletic trend going on and comfy chic is the new style. I do like the athletic trend, but there is a certain way to wear it without looking like you just woke up. It is possible to master the art of “comfy dressing” or looking good while still wearing quite comfortable clothes. For example, a gray sweatshirt with a black leather jacket over it. Or even joggers can be considered a stylish pair of sweatpants.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

Nowadays, I find it quite refreshing to see someone who knows how to dress. Personally, I think that if men and women knew how to dress there would definitely be a lot more going for them. People underestimate the power of clothing. Queen Elizabeth I used to wear the most ostentatious dresses with intricate details to show her power and wealth. She was the only one allowed to wear such outrageous clothes and everyone else in court would have to downgrade their clothes because no one could outshine the queen. Also another reason is because back then women were not usually put in such powerful positions so she had to find other ways to make her look just as intimidating.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

It is often hard to find inspiration on a midwest college campus where the dress code is pretty much sweatpants, sneakers, and a baseball hat. For those out there who are into fashion and are going to a college that is not on the east or west coast and are lacking in inspiration, don’t worry I’m in the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my school and I chose to be there, but there is nothing quite like being in “The City That Never Sleeps” or by the beaches down in California. Most of the action in the fashion industry happens on either sides of the country. I often have to keep reminding myself that I am on a college campus, of course everyone is going to dress in lounge wear. I’m in a place where most people don’t know what they’re going to do with their life yet. Everyone here is young and foolish and still finding their life purpose. But for those who choose not to follow the crowd, I applaud you and I challenge you to be the inspiration for other people and perhaps your “sparkle” will rub off on others.

The Most Stylish Movies To Date


These are the movies that I highly recommend if you are into classics, fashion, glamour, and romance. These movies are classics in a sense that although the clothing, technology, and everyday items are out of date, they still have a resonance in the present. The characters are just as relatable and their lives aren’t nearly as different as ours. As a person who is interested in clothing of the past I love to look at all the ensembles. The men wore the best, well-tailored Italian suits, women wore feminine dresses and skirts that flowed when they walked. I chose these movies because of their iconic status and influence on the fashion industry. Till this day most of these movies still have a hold on the fashion industry and I believe they will in the future.

One of the movies I have a special bond with is Dr. Zhivago (1965). I can still remember where I  was when I watched it and who I was with. I thought the movie was magical especially the most iconic part of the movie where Lara and Yuri enter their frozen house   getaway. Everything was frozen, a fresh bed of snow in the living room, iced hallways, and icicles hanging from the ceiling. I also thought that Lara, played by Julie Christie, was beautiful and looked like a Russian princess. What also makes that movie so special to me is that a few days later I went to a thrift shop and I found an old jewelry box and you guessed it, it played the Dr. Zhivago theme. When I found it I thought it was a sign and that that special jewelry box was meant to be with me and to this day it is still on my desk at home, still able to play that beautiful melody.

These are the movies that have left influences and special memories in my life and in watching these I hope you will love them as much as I do. I recommend watching these with someone you love because it makes them so much more special especially when you watch black and white movies.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


La Dolce Vita (1960)


Heathers (1988)


Clueless (1995)


Anna Karenina (2012)


Atonement (2007)


Roman Holiday (1953)


Cleopatra (1963)


Dr. Zhivago (1965)





I’ve Got My Eye On You


Sunglasses are by far my favorite accessory. With all their shapes and sized it’s impossible to run out of styles. In my opinion, you can never have enough sunglasses, trust me I have a large collection and I love them all! Sunglasses can make or break your outfit so it is important to pick the right ones. Down below I have listed some of the sunglasses I have been interested in and may possibly add to my ever extending collection.

Les Specs Nero 


These by far are the sunglasses that I have been the most interested in. What attracted them to me was that they were so oddly shaped that they were interesting. I can imagine sporting these with a leather jacket going out around the town or sporting them just coming off an airplane and pretending that I am a model dressed flawlessly head-to-toe in chic travel attire. Also I was attracted to these because I saw a picture of  Kendall Jenner wearing these super chic shades.

Find these at Lespecs.com


Kendall Jenner



Ray-Ban Round Flash Lenses in Copper Flash 


These shades have been the “It” sunglasses for the past few seasons. At first, I didn’t like this style of sunglasses. I liked them on other people, but I never really liked them on myself until I bought a cheap pair of black ones to try them out. Ever since then I have been hooked to this style of sunnies. I now have them in several different colors such as Black with silver metal, Black with gold metal, blue lenses, and silver lenses. I chose the pair in the picture above because I have seen countless pictures of these on Instagram and Pinterest and I have fallen in love with them. They would be the perfect sunnies for a summer vacation or a pop of color in the winter.

Find these at Ray-Ban.com


Clear Lens Glasses or “Fake Glasses” 


Once again the nerdy-chic trend is back. When I first spotted these on Instagram, I thought, “why are people wearing clear lens aviators? What’s the point of fake glasses?” Well I fell into the trend-trap and I was persuaded by the fashion bloggers and Instagramers of the world into liking the trend. I have been more inspired to wear the circle lens glasses than the aviators. I have also noticed that men have been wearing this trend as well and what can I say, I like that too.

Find these at Asos.com

Upper left @katesedlacek, Lower left @cassiemasangkay, Right @amelialiana


What I’ll Be Wearing This Winter


There’s no doubt that winter is coming, no Game of Thrones pun intended. As a fellow native of Minnesota, I know what it’s like to wear an adorable outfit, but end up freezing to death. How is it possible to look good and stay warm in the winter? Not to worry! Here are some clothing items that look stylish and keep you all toasty.

  1. ASOS Bright Faux Fur Pom Beanie ($18.50)

2. Topshop Eastern Bomber ($140)


3. Topshop Faux Leather Fur Biker Jacket ($130)



Oasis Animal Print Faux Fur Coat ($143)

Faux Fur Shawls at Asos.com ($32-$68)

Fashion & Lifestyle Books I Recommend


Throughout all the years I have been reading fashion books, I have stumbled upon a few that really stuck out to me. These are the books that I connected with the most and found the most inspiring, well at least to me. These books not only talk about fashion, but they also talk about finding yourself, relationships, and working in the fashion industry. These books have inspired my everyday life and I continually read them over and over. Whenever I take a flight, I always bring something to read with me, whether it be a magazine or a book, I always bring one of these books with me because I know that I will be entertained during the duration of my flight. I often go back to certain chapters in these books because I find a connection with it and it makes me happy to re-read those sections. I often find myself smiling or even laughing when reading these books because of the humor in the book or because it reminded me of something from my past and I couldn’t help but blurt out laughing. If books can give you that sort of emotion, then you know its good because you’ve found a relation in the book.

Many of these authors are people who are influencers in my life. I look up to these people because they give me advice and I admire their style. They write about the non-sweetened truth and I admire their bravery for writing about their past in order to help others in the same circumstance. They are the men and women who shape the industry that I want to work in someday.

I recommend these books because honestly they’re great books. They’re written well and have great visuals. It makes me happy when someone has a passion so strong for something that they write about it. Their book will live on years and years after they’re gone, they are immortalized through these books.

Fall Adventures

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” – Anne of Green Gables

Fall is my favorite time of year. Whenever the trees lose their leaves it’s like they are starting over fresh and I believe fall is the season to start fresh again. Everything is full of beauty, color, and life until the winter comes and the world is silent and still in the cold air.




When I was younger I spent many long days at my local arboretum. I have been going there since I was a little girl and I share many fond memories of taking nature walks with my mother. As I got older I appreciated the gardens more and I would stop to soak in everything, it soon became my happy place. On nice days after school I would go to the arboretum and find a nice secluded spot under a tree and do my homework, sometimes even read a book. I could be content for hours being there.



Pumpkin patches remind me of my childhood. Happiness and fall festivities usually happened around a pumpkin patch. For some odd reason pumpkins always make me happy. Maybe it’s because of the bright orange color or how each one has their own unique shape. I love searching through the fields looking for that perfect pumpkin that would come home with me.


I love going to my local apple orchard house to pick up fresh picked apples. Apples some how taste better when you pick them out at a local market than when you get them at the grocery store. I especially love to pick out apples to make a pie with. Whenever I think of fall, I think of the warm, spicy smell of a fresh baked apple pie sitting out on the kitchen counter.

Is All Black Chic?

“I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent A Darker Color.” – Wednesday Adams

The color black has many meanings, some think that it’s depressing and mysterious while others think that it is simple and classic. Black is the color of strength, mourning, sophistication, and elegance. It can be strong, but soft at the same time. What I like about it is that it’s modern and classic all in one. I feel that an all black outfit gives a women confidence because it is such a bold choice to wear all one color and I feel that the color black has a powerful energy to it. Everyone says, “when in doubt wear red, ” but what I think, “when in doubt wear black” because it’s the easiest choice to be simple and not over done. Nothing can beat a minimalist New York city chic look when out on a coffee run.

An all black outfit says “I’m cool, edgy and laid back” or it can also say “I’m a modern 21st century girl who makes her own rules and walks the streets like a catwalk.” I have had my fair share of wearing all black outfits. I even have to tell myself not to buy anymore black clothing because my whole closet looks like I’m getting ready for a funeral, but as always I end up buying the clothing in either black, navy, grey or nude.

At times an all black outfit can be overwhelming so styling it the right way is essential. When dealing with an outfit that’s all one color, it’s better to have different textures in your outfit to in a way “break up” the separate articles of clothing or else you’ll end up looking like a black tube of fabric. If the All Black Outfit may seem a little nerve-racking to wear, then you can ease your way into the trend with a “Basic” in black like a coat, black jeans, or a large, chunky black sweater. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your outfits because you wear the outfit, the outfit does not were you.

Check Out Down Below For Outfit Inspiration:

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What Fall 2016 Trends Would You Try?


Fall is now upon us so here are a few trends I am looking forward to seeing and or wearing of this upcoming fall 2016 season.

Velvet Everything

Trend: Velvet

Velvet has always been on of the best choices for fall and winter because of the warmth and luxuriousness of the fabric. It also gives the outfit a sort of texture and softness to it.  What I love about velvet is that when it catches the light it have a movement or animated feel to the fabric. Plus the jewel tones of the velvet are very flattering. I only recently got into this trend and most of the velvet things I own are shoes, but I went out of my comfort zone and bought a red velvet bodysuit from Zara and I am so excited to try it out. In my opinion, this is one of the best trends for this season.

Best of Both Worlds

Trend: Shearling Jackets

Fall has just created the trend with the best of both worlds, edginess and comfort all in one.  The next fall jacket on your list should be this one because it’s one of those jackets I like to call a “throw on.” Meaning that its a jacket/coat that you can put on and it pretty much goes with anything. It’s a jacket where it makes your outfit go from plain to chic in a matter of seconds.

I Tip My Hat To You

Trend: Baker Boy Hat

One of the chicest hats there ever will be, but that has been over looked for decades. Celebrities like Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve, and Sienna Miller have been known to wear the baker boy hat. This hat is the perfect mix of edgy, vintage, and classy at the same time. I am definitely going to be wearing this hat a lot this fall and winter.

Slipping Into A Dress

Trend: Slip Dress

Everyone knows that the 90’s trend has been ruling the runways for a few seasons now, but the slip dress is new to the scene.  This dress is honestly the only way to wear lingerie in public and look chic. The slip dress is a trend where you can look sexy, but modest at the same time.

My Personal Style Icons

It has taken years to figure out my personal style. A lot of trial and error went through into refining my style. What I’ve have found out about my style is that it is always changing. I like to refer to my style as a “melting pot” or a mixture of different styles. I like to experiment with clothes and trends.

The women below are the women I look up to when it comes to fashion. They have a sense of self-confidence and they know who they are and they aren’t ashamed of showing it off through their fashion choices. On a fashion level I connect with these women because their style is similar to mine and I admire the way they dress. Most of these women have the job that I dream of having one day and the confidence that goes with it.

Leandra Medine

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.41.35 PM

Leandra Medine has been one of my “style gods” since I found her blog The Man Repeller. Although she wasn’t that successful in man repelling because she is married, the blog doesn’t pertain to how-to-get-rid-of-men it’s simply saying to dress for yourself and be who you are even if your fashion choices may not attract the opposite sex. But you do have to admire her husband for loving a women with such interesting fashion choices. I hope someday to have a man who understands the way I dress and how I express myself and he wouldn’t be embarrassed and would be proud to have me as his significant other.

On another note, I love her book she published in 2013, which is called, you guessed it, Man Repeller. I have re-read chapters in this book over and over and it still makes me happy to read it. My favorite chapters are the Hermès Clutch and the Harem Pants. Leandra Medine has a way of incorporating humor, fashion, a growing of age story, and love all in one little memoir that makes it so easy to connect to.

Chiara Ferragni

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.49.49 PM

Chiara Ferragni is a new style icon for me. I would see her pictures all over Pinterest and would appreciate her bold style choices. She really is the woman who started it all. She was one of the first few to start sharing photos of outfits online and through that gathered a large following. She is the ultimate business women of the 21 century. Thanks to Ferragni bloggers now have more power in the fashion world. I admire her business ethic for showing women that they can move up in the business world.

Miroslava Duma

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.21.40 PM

Miroslava Duma is the most stylist woman I have ever seen before. Never have I ever seen a woman with such a great eye for shape, color, pattern, and details. It is as if she is a walking, talking fashion dream. I’m sure she is the dream girl to take a picture of during fashion week. Honestly, If I could dress like her everyday I would because she knows how to make a women feel and look powerful in her clothes.

Rachel Zoe


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

I remember when I was a little girl and I would watch her reality tv show and think she was so glamorous. I really do think that Rachel Zoe is the first style icon I had for myself. She is a stylist, which is my dream job and we both have a appreciation for jewelry. I believe that Rachel Zoe was the one to inspire me to become a stylist and choose a career in the fashion industry.



Why I Chose To Study Fashion


It all started when I was in 7th grade, I had started my first year of middle school and I finally started paying attention to what I was wearing. Before middle school one could have mistaken me for a chubby, frizzy-haired boy, but thanks to the amount of fashion magazines that would come to my house and the rise of Youtube beauty vloggers I quickly started to change the way I looked. Now not to get confused with my changing, I did not change to fit in with society’s standards a the time, I simply chose for my own benefit to start taking care of myself. I like to think that I was the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan. Boys started to notice me for the first time and girls would compliment me on my outfits. I realized that I had a knack for putting together outfits. When I realized that my passion was fashion, no pun intended, I bought a whole bunch of books about fashion, styling, and outfit designs. Also, me being a huge history buff, I watched documentaries on fashion from the past. I soon became a pretty good sized book of walking fashion knowledge. For me, fashion was a way to connect with people. It was a way to express myself on myself. I love the way clothing can make you feel. When I have a good outfit I feel powerful and strong. Every women should feel amazing about themselves and clothes simply help me to feel that way. Through clothes you can attract people, convey a feeling, and show inner creativity.

Fast forward a few years and now I am a senior in high school. I now knew that I loved fashion and would want to pursue a job in that industry. I guess I was lucky in that way, I knew what I wanted to do in college and I had a plan. I decided that I wanted to go to a school that had a good fashion program, but still had the college feel with football games and sorority rush. I thought that If I were to go to an art school and then change my mind on my major, I would be stuck doing art. That is why I chose to go to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Not only was that school ranked high on the best fashion schools in the nation, but it was also near home and far away at the same time. I’m from Minnesota and I knew that I wanted to leave my state because I felt that it was the only way for me to grow as a person and be independent. The school is still in the midwest so I don’t feel as homesick as I would if I were to go to somewhere like California.

In the past few years I had fallen in love with looking at and reading blogs. I thought,  “Why can’t I start my own blog? I love fashion too.” That’s when I started Wear The Redhead Clothes in June of 2016. I created my blog because I loved fashion, wanted something for a job reference in the fashion industry, and I just wanted to have something to do in the summer before I would head off to college. Little did I know that keeping up with a fashion blog is harder than it looks. You have to constantly think of story ideas that people would want to read and create a visual to go along with the story. Sometimes it all becomes a little overwhelming having to juggle college, a blog, and an Instagram account to go with the blog, but I love my blog and it makes me happy when I write on it and I believe that the hassle is worth it.

I see many great things in my future and I will look to it with bright eyes. I believe if you love something enough, you will eventually find a way to make a career out of it. If you are reading this and you want to work in the fashion industry, I say go ahead and take the jump because you never know what will happen in your future.