Savannah, Georgia Day 1


My day started off kind of rough by having to get up at 3:00am with only about a good half an hour of sleep the night before. I wanted to arrive in Savannah, Georgia sometime in the early afternoon, which meant I had to take the earliest flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta since there is no direct flight from Minneapolis to Savannah.

Soon after takeoff, I noticed from the window in the isle over that the sun was rising from the east. As hard as it is to get up early in the morning, it’s worth it to see the sunrise, especially when you’re above the clouds and everything seems calm and peaceful.


Upon arriving in Savannah I notice that the vast majority of trees were either palm trees or Spanish moss, which I found quite beautiful. Being from the Midwest region of the U.S. I rarely see these types of trees. I remember the first time I visited Georgia, the first palm tree I saw, I went up and touched it. I know I sound silly, but when you see something you’ve only seen in movies and then you get to see it in real life, it’d kind of a surreal moment



Even though Savannah is actually quite small it is full of sweet little squares or gardens. Some of the streets are so old and well kept that it almost feeling like your are on a movie set or gone back in time. I also love Savannah for how historically rich it is.




I knew that sweet tea was a popular drink down south, but I didn’t know that ordering an ice tea with lemon would be such a big deal down there. I went out for brunch and asked for an ice tea with lemon because being from the north that is what we drink when we drink ice tea. I immediately got a “humph” sound from the waiter, almost saying how could you not order a sweet tea. I learned that if you go for brunch down south you either order a sweet tea, mimosa,or Bloody Mary.

Luckily, I am a huge fan of seafood and decided to try a southern style sandwich called a shrimp po-boy. Now I’m sure there is somewhere in Minnesota I can get this style of sandwich, but nothing beats the taste of fresh seafood. I was told by a cab driver I had that a lot of people will catch their own fish, crab, and shrimp off the coast. Now of course I have been fishing before, I come from the land of 10,000 lakes, but there was something cool about being able to catch your own seafood for dinner.


Staying Fit While In College


I am not the greatest person at staying fit, but these are some of the things that I do to stay happy and healthy. So here are my six tips for staying fit in college.

Take Study Breaks To Do Simple Exercises

It’s important that every once and a while you take a break from staring at your computer screen or having your nose in a textbook. Your body needs breaks to recuperate  and refresh. So if I’m studying and I don’t have time or don’t want to walk all the way across campus to go to the gym I take study breaks and do in-home/dorm exercises. I recently bought two fifteen pound weights to keep in my room so I can keep my arms toned. I will use my weights and do simple arm strength exercises while taking my break. If you don’t have weights, then use your own body weight to do exercises like squats, push-ups, crunches, and lunges.

Study/Quiz Exercise 

Another way of doing in-home/dorm exercises is when you are studying or quizzing yourself on terms or formulas and every time you get an answer wrong do a 30 sec wall sit or 10 squats that way you will get some exercise and remember the correct answer next time.

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water is one of the most important things you could do for your body. I’m prone to headaches and I know that it is most likely due to my lack of water intake so I bring water bottles around with me everywhere. College can get stressful and it gets easier to become dehydrated or sick, but by drinking more water you will be more awake and less likely to get sick. Plus your body will thank you inside and out by keeping your skin looking healthy.

Take Longer Routes To Class 

If you get up early for class, like me, then you will likely have more time to get to class. Some days I like to take longer routes because it might be a nice day or I want to go for a walk or I’m feeling a bit tired and need more time to wake up. I enjoy going for walks because it’s the easiest way to get exercise without hardcore sweating and it can be quite peaceful.

Take Fun Classes At The Recreational Center/Gym

Getting myself to exercise on my own can be quite difficult, especially since I had to leave my family’s personal trainer back home in Minnesota after going to college. I find that sometimes I need another person to push me to work my hardest. Ever since I started taking classes at my campus gym, I’ve had more fun working out. I am and avid spin class taker and cardio dancer. Of all the classes I took I found these to be the most fun and the ones that made me sweat the hardest. Taking classes are the best way to exercise without feeling like you’re exercising, especially when you have a friend group along with you.

Wear Cute Gym Attire 

I know that if I wear cute gym clothes I feel better about myself and I don’t feel sluggish at the gym. Also if you buy cute workout clothes, then you are more likely to go to the gym and show off your little gym ensemble. Especially for me being a fashion student I find that when I see myself in the mirror at the gym wearing cute workout clothes, it motivates me even more. If the clothing part is not your thing, then buy cute workout accessories like a cute water bottle, gym bag, or sneakers.


What Happened To Being Well Dressed?



What ever happened to the politeness of being well dressed? Since when did wearing sweatpants all the time turn into the norm of today’s attire? Not long ago men were wearing suits on airplanes and it was normal for a woman to don a hat everywhere. My question is why has the downfall of dress etiquette occurred? In my opinion, I like to look nice when I go out in public, it makes me feel complete plus I have a passion for putting outfits together so of course I am going to show off my skills. Actually it is scientifically proven that if you dress nicer while taking a test you will tend to do better. Isn’t that interesting, how clothes can be linked with psychology. When people start dressing nicer, they feel better. Taking care of their body becomes more important and it should be important because the human body is an amazing thing and should be well taken care of by good grooming,eating healthy, and exercise. Now don’t get me wrong I know that there is a big athletic trend going on and comfy chic is the new style. I do like the athletic trend, but there is a certain way to wear it without looking like you just woke up. It is possible to master the art of “comfy dressing” or looking good while still wearing quite comfortable clothes. For example, a gray sweatshirt with a black leather jacket over it. Or even joggers can be considered a stylish pair of sweatpants.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

Nowadays, I find it quite refreshing to see someone who knows how to dress. Personally, I think that if men and women knew how to dress there would definitely be a lot more going for them. People underestimate the power of clothing. Queen Elizabeth I used to wear the most ostentatious dresses with intricate details to show her power and wealth. She was the only one allowed to wear such outrageous clothes and everyone else in court would have to downgrade their clothes because no one could outshine the queen. Also another reason is because back then women were not usually put in such powerful positions so she had to find other ways to make her look just as intimidating.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

It is often hard to find inspiration on a midwest college campus where the dress code is pretty much sweatpants, sneakers, and a baseball hat. For those out there who are into fashion and are going to a college that is not on the east or west coast and are lacking in inspiration, don’t worry I’m in the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my school and I chose to be there, but there is nothing quite like being in “The City That Never Sleeps” or by the beaches down in California. Most of the action in the fashion industry happens on either sides of the country. I often have to keep reminding myself that I am on a college campus, of course everyone is going to dress in lounge wear. I’m in a place where most people don’t know what they’re going to do with their life yet. Everyone here is young and foolish and still finding their life purpose. But for those who choose not to follow the crowd, I applaud you and I challenge you to be the inspiration for other people and perhaps your “sparkle” will rub off on others.

Why I Chose To Study Fashion


It all started when I was in 7th grade, I had started my first year of middle school and I finally started paying attention to what I was wearing. Before middle school one could have mistaken me for a chubby, frizzy-haired boy, but thanks to the amount of fashion magazines that would come to my house and the rise of Youtube beauty vloggers I quickly started to change the way I looked. Now not to get confused with my changing, I did not change to fit in with society’s standards a the time, I simply chose for my own benefit to start taking care of myself. I like to think that I was the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan. Boys started to notice me for the first time and girls would compliment me on my outfits. I realized that I had a knack for putting together outfits. When I realized that my passion was fashion, no pun intended, I bought a whole bunch of books about fashion, styling, and outfit designs. Also, me being a huge history buff, I watched documentaries on fashion from the past. I soon became a pretty good sized book of walking fashion knowledge. For me, fashion was a way to connect with people. It was a way to express myself on myself. I love the way clothing can make you feel. When I have a good outfit I feel powerful and strong. Every women should feel amazing about themselves and clothes simply help me to feel that way. Through clothes you can attract people, convey a feeling, and show inner creativity.

Fast forward a few years and now I am a senior in high school. I now knew that I loved fashion and would want to pursue a job in that industry. I guess I was lucky in that way, I knew what I wanted to do in college and I had a plan. I decided that I wanted to go to a school that had a good fashion program, but still had the college feel with football games and sorority rush. I thought that If I were to go to an art school and then change my mind on my major, I would be stuck doing art. That is why I chose to go to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Not only was that school ranked high on the best fashion schools in the nation, but it was also near home and far away at the same time. I’m from Minnesota and I knew that I wanted to leave my state because I felt that it was the only way for me to grow as a person and be independent. The school is still in the midwest so I don’t feel as homesick as I would if I were to go to somewhere like California.

In the past few years I had fallen in love with looking at and reading blogs. I thought,  “Why can’t I start my own blog? I love fashion too.” That’s when I started Wear The Redhead Clothes in June of 2016. I created my blog because I loved fashion, wanted something for a job reference in the fashion industry, and I just wanted to have something to do in the summer before I would head off to college. Little did I know that keeping up with a fashion blog is harder than it looks. You have to constantly think of story ideas that people would want to read and create a visual to go along with the story. Sometimes it all becomes a little overwhelming having to juggle college, a blog, and an Instagram account to go with the blog, but I love my blog and it makes me happy when I write on it and I believe that the hassle is worth it.

I see many great things in my future and I will look to it with bright eyes. I believe if you love something enough, you will eventually find a way to make a career out of it. If you are reading this and you want to work in the fashion industry, I say go ahead and take the jump because you never know what will happen in your future.